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Condominium Review Service


Why suggest our firm is hired to consult with your client? We ensure your buyer is left with a thorough understanding of their future investment, how Condominiums run from “A to Z” and any potential pitfalls. Should we ascertain there may be potential special assessments, we make you aware and these can be dealt with in the contract of Purchase and Sale Amendments. Our policy is to ensure your client’s best interests are protected.

You would not buy a stock without investigating the strength of the company would you? We investigate the relationship between the current FINANCIAL & PHYSICAL aspects of your prospective investment.

For a complete “health check” of a condominium corporation the following documentation is required:

1. Copy of the Condominium Corporations current by-laws.
2. Copy of the current Annual Budget and condominium fee schedule.
3. Copy of the Condominium Corporation current monthly financial info.
4. Copy of the most recent Audited Financial Statement.
5. Copy of the most recent Annual General Meeting minutes.
6. Copy of Board Meeting minutes (Last 12 months)
7. Copy of the Insurance Certificate
8. Copy of any lease agreement for parking (if applicable)
9. Copy of the Management Agreement
10. Copy of Recreational Agreement (if applicable)
11. Copy of the Reserve Fund Study or Board of Directors Reserve Fund Plan
12. Copy of Post-tension report (if applicable)
13. Copy of newsletters published by the Condominium Corporation
14. Copy of Board of Directors Rules and Regulations of the Corporation
15. Copy of Management Disclosure Letter or Information Statement, regarding any legal action, judgments made against the corporation, demands in excess of $5,000.00, owner-occupancy %
16. Copy of the Legal Condominium Plan
17. Copy of the MLS Listing of the property.

We provide a clear, concise written summary for your client within 2-3 days, in most cases, if all necessary documents are provided and the purchase is within Calgary. In addition this includes a personal consultation to review and answer any pertinent questions or concerns. We are an all inclusive service @ $395.00 (plus GST).

Make us part of your team today!

(Qualified in both Alberta and British Columbia)

We take the “headache” out of your condo sales

Over 30 years experience in management, consulting, development and ownership of condominiums provides the structure and expertise for Condo.Max to offer sound advice on potential purchases and investments. Our service includes:


  • We analyze both physical and financial aspects of the property.
  • We advise you of necessary information involved in the process


  • We obtain info. from sources not readily available to realtors.
  • We call your client to inform and include them in our process.
  • We provide a clear, concise written summary for your client.


  • Report completion – 3 days in Calgary and 4 days outside of Calgary, if all documentation is provided.
  • If problems are evident we call you, then your client.

Cost of Service $395.00 (plus GST) and includes a personal consultation with the purchaser.

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